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 Membership Totals.

Membership totals for 2016 so far are as follows - Seniors 226 - Oap & Disabled=105 - Juniors=10 and under 12's=25. That gives a total of 366.
27th September 2016

Summer league Partridge, Woodlands

The last match of the summer league returned a bumper haul of carp for Chris Weddell with over a 100lb of fish weighed in.

1st Chris Weddell 104lb 11oz

2nd Les Evans 74lb

3rd Brendan Heslop 56lb 15oz

An overcast day with periods of sun towards the end of the match

Fontburn dates - earlier this year

The dates for removing roach from Fontburn reservoir are:

Sunday October 9th, Wednesday 12th, Sunday 16th and Wednesday 19th.

7am till 3pm. £10 to pay at the lodge before fishing

The winter league match on the 16th will be re-scheduled

Steven Allen with a nice brace of Carp

24.8.16 17LB 6OZ Mirror carp

24.8.16 18LB 8OZ Common carp


2nd September 2016

5th Summer League result

1st Tony Glennie 82lb 12oz

2nd John Reynolds 80lb 12½oz

3rd Keith Melnyk 71lb 5oz

Fished on Kestrel Lake, Woodlands 28th August


25th August 2016

24 Hr Carp match QEII

An overnight carp match is to be held on the QEII lake Saturday 3rd September.  Meet 09:00 am prompt and fish 12 noon till 12 noon.  The lake will be closed to angling between these times.


A nice brace of Carp

John Knox has been catching double figure carp on the QEII.  Click to see his 10lb 5oz Ghost and 20lb 8oz common


11th August 2016

Final evening series match

1st Barry Evans 14lb 4oz Peg 33 Ide up in the water

2nd Vince Dack 5lb 5½oz Peg 25

3rd John Mitchell 4lb 14½oz Peg 18

Final Placings

1st Ian Hunter 11 Points

2nd Geoff Lincoln 12 Points

3rd John Youll & Vince Dack 14 Points each

QEII still producing decent carp

Alan Dunlop with a mirror weighing 16lb 2oz last week


Click Here


5th August 2016

Storm Force winds on Sunday

Anglers be aware that Sunday will be a very windy day with gales to 40 MPH so find a sheltered spot if you are fishing

Evening Series 6 Milkhope

1st Colin Bailey 6lb 14½oz

2nd Derek Dixon 4lb 8oz

3rd Vince Dack 2lb 11½oz

Summer Series 4 Oaks

1st Tony Glennie 41lb 10oz

2nd Chris Weddell 41lb 7½oz

3rd Les Evans 34lb 13½oz


12th July 2016

QEII Trophy Date Changed

Due to a clash of events the QEII trophy match will be fished on August 21st

Evening Series 5 Horton Grange

1st Geoff Lincoln 10lb

2nd Tony Dixon 6lb 8½oz

3rd John Youll 5lb 12oz

Notably big tench are now starting to be caught as well as small home grown bream


8th July 2016

Summer League Oaks

1st Chris Weddell 60lb 2oz

2nd Davey Jobe 53lb 1oz

3rd Keith Melnyk 45lb 5oz


Match 2 Horton

1st Jim Appleby 7lb 12½oz

2nd Keith Melnyk 6lb 3oz

3rd Ian Davison 4lb 12½oz

Match 3 Brenkley

1st Ian Davison 8lb 9oz

2nd Keith Melnyk 7lb 6oz

3rd Jean Appleby 4lb 2oz


23rd  June 2016

Evening Series 4 Milkhope

Despite 4 hours of rain some good fish were caught

1st Ian Hunter 3lb 4oz Peg 2

2nd John Youll 2lb 7oz Peg 7

3rd Brendan Heslop 1lb 11oz Peg 10

All pegs drawn on one side of the lake


12th  June 2016

OAP / Disabled series kicks off

Les back on top

1st  Les Evans

2nd Bill Appleby

3rd Keith Melnyk

Evening Series 3

Produced some good weights from Horton

1st Ian Hunter 12lb 1oz Peg 18 (again!) Ide and skimmers

2nd Geoff Lincoln 8lb 5oz Peg 36 (not favoured)

3rd John Youll 5lb 11oz Peg 10 (including a 2½lb Tench)

Fish caught from all around the lake


4th  June 2016

Website past it's best but still going

Apologies for recent (and future) problems with the website as it's old software which is not supported by Microsoft any longer.  We will endeavour to keep it updated as best we can until a new solution can be found




31st May 2016

Oaks Alders Summer League 2

1st Chris Weddell 65lb 8oz

2nd Les Evans 43lb 15oz

3rd Ian Bullock 24lb 12oz

Part of Chris's catch


QEII 24hr Carp Match Results

1st David Greatex 4 fish 64lb 10oz

2nd Paul Brooks 2 fish 32lb 2oz

3rd Kelvin Wears 2 fish 25lb

Biggest Fish David Greatex 18lb 4oz

11 anglers fished

11 fish caught

Open water swims produced the most fish

QEII Bigger Fish are on the move

Wayne Farmers 25lb 7oz Pike from the QEII


Steve Allens PB mirror 21 lb 3 oz, Q.E II Country park Northumberland, on a choddy size 8 hook, 14mm pineapple pop up 30 yards from bank.


24th May 2016

Bob Hall Trophy

Decent weights from Horton

1st Ian Hunter 10lb 12oz peg 18

2nd Tony Dixon 6lb 10oz peg ?

3rd John Youll 5lb 6oz peg 4

A decent tench for the winner


Evening Series 2 Milkhope

1st Geoff Lincoln 2lb 101/2oz

2nd Vince Dack 1lb 121\2oz

3rd Nigel Beardsley 1lb 101\2oz

Bit of a grueller


12th  May 2016

Ton up Carp Match Times

Saturday draw 09:00am fish Noon till Noon.


10th  May 2016

Evening Series First Match

Steady start to the series with some great weights recorded on Horton Grange

1st Geoff Lincoln 11lb 5oz

2nd Ian Hunter 6lb 2½oz

3rd Craig Goodall 5lb 12½oz


4th May 2016

Lost / Found Items

Anyone lost any bivvy bits at peg 9 Brenkley recently?  Check your accessories and contact the club if you wish to claim them

A top part of a rod was found on the path at Horton Grange.  If you lost this please contact the club and describe it.

A Maver double pole roller was left at Brenkley.  If you picked it up please contact the club as it's an expensive bit of kit

OAP/Disabled match times

Draw 08:45 and fish 10am till 3pm

New event entries

Another ton up carp match at the QEII on 21st May.  Open to all members

QEII work party 14th May (Sat)




29th  April 2016

May club meeting

Is still scheduled for the Plough on Tuesday as the pub's plans to re-decorate have been put back.

First Summer League match The Oaks Cedar

Not the warmest of days but a good turnout nevertheless

1st Chris Weddell 51lb 1oz

2nd Jimmy Appleby 32lb 11oz

3rd Davey Jobe 26lb 3oz


17th  April 2016

Rod and Line match

Last Sunday 10th saw a good turnout for the rod and line match at Horton Grange with 23 anglers fishing.

1st Nigel Beardsley 2lb 13oz peg 16

2nd Craig Goodall 2lb 7oz peg 20

3rd Willie Thomas 1lb 4oz peg 5


2nd April 2016

QEII Day Tickets

Please note - Day tickets for the QEII are no longer available at the hotel.  The nearest location is McDermott's Station Road Ashington


20th March 2016

Fish Stocking 2016

Carp and Crucian carp for Brenkley


Skimmer Bream for Horton

Carp Bream and Crucians for Milkhope



15th March 2016


Any proposed changes to the constitution need to be submitted in writing to the committee at least 2 weeks before the AGM which is Tuesday April 5th 7:30pm at the Plough Cramlington


22nd February 2016

Winter League 11

Congratulations to Vince Dack on winning the winter league series

Yesterdays result

1st Vince Dack 3½oz

2nd Craig Goodall & Brendan Heslop 2oz

3rd John Youll 1oz

Overall positions can be found in the Match Results link on the left


9th February 2016

Winter League 10

A blustery day with not many bites

1st Keith Melnyk 1lb 1oz

2nd John Bull 14½ oz

3rd Vince Dack 6oz

Winter League 9

The obligatory gusts of wind spoilt the fishing but fish were caught

1st Vince Dack 1lb 6oz

2nd Keith Melnyck 6oz

3rd Nigel Beardsley 5½oz


23rd January 2016

Winter League 8

10th January.  Not a brilliant start to the new year.  The forecast was for 16mph winds which turned into a 40mph Gale.  Of course the fish were not interested.

1st Vince Dack 1 fish for 9½oz after 4¼ hours without a bite

2nd Nigel Beardsley 1 fish for 6oz

3rd Craig Goodall 3oz for 2 fish on the tip (yes it was that bad)


28th December 2015

Quality Fishing on Horton

Nigel Beardsley had an 8lb net of Roach with 3 fish over a pound.  The biggest weighing in at 1lb 7oz.

 Membership subs due

Members can fish on the 2015 year card up to the first meeting in January (5th) after which your subs must be renewed.


21st December 2015

Fur and Feather Sunday 20th December

Gusts up to 40 Mph made fishing difficult with the wind direction constantly changing.  However a few fish were caught and presents exchanged at the end of a difficult match.

1st Vince Dack 2lb 1oz Peg 33 Pole & maggot 11m

2nd Colin Bailey 1lb 11oz Peg 35 Maggot Feeder 25m

3rd Keith Melnyk 14½oz Peg 26 Pole & Maggot 9m


15th December 2015

Winter League 7 Horton Grange

1st Keith Melnyk 7lb 3½oz Peg 7

2nd Terry Crosby 5lb 6oz Peg 6

3rd Vince Dack 3lb 11oz Peg 12

Still decent weights despite the big drop in temperature.  The day grew colder with the margins freezing up in places by the end of the match. Mainly Roach and Ide on the pole with maggot doing the main damage

Fur and Feather Sunday 20th December

A chance to exchange gifts at the end of the match.  Bring a prize to the value of around the £3.00 mark.


6th December 2015

Winter League today - Horton match record broken

A big difference in the fishing today with the water chocolate brown in colour.

1st Vince Dack 23lb 4½oz Peg 35

2nd Craig Goodall 15lb 12oz Peg 33

3rd Jack Blenkinsop 12lb 12½ oz Peg 32

4th Keith Melnyk 9lb 11oz Peg 31

5th Tommy Smith 7lb 6½oz Peg 21

Jacks 12lb catch

Vince's 23lb catch


2nd December 2015

Winter League Horton Grange Sunday 29th

Only 4 out of the 12 anglers managed to find enough shelter to finish the match. The wind was just too much with broken poles and brollies.

1st John Youll 2lb ½oz

2nd Craig Goodall 11½oz

3rd John Bull 1oz

QEII carp stock gets a boost

A total of 8 C5 VS stocked into the QEII at the weekend
If anyone catches any VS fish could they message the Facebook page with a picture and weight. It is very important that we keep a track of the growth of these fish. This year group is one year younger than our first VS stocking and we need to make a comparison between the two year groups.

Stocked fish weighed in at 13lb 10oz, 16lb 12oz, 13lb 6oz, 14lb 8oz, 14lb,

14lb 6oz, 14lb 2oz, 13lb 14oz

Fish number 8 in pristine condition - see FACEBOOK page for more images


15th November 2015

Winter League Today

1st Vince Dack 7lb 3oz

2nd Keith Melnyk 5lb 1oz

3rd Jack Blenkinsop 4lb 3oz

An unusually warm day and blustery.  However the fish were still biting for some.

Ide record broken again

Vince Dack has claimed a new Ide record by landing a monster weighing in at 2lb 13oz

Winter League extended

The winter league extends into the New Year with 4 extra matches. This means that anglers need 7 out of 11 matches to count

Dates are:

10th & 24th January.  7th & 21st February


2nd November 2015

Winter League Brenkley Yesterday

1st Brendan Heslop 1lb 14oz

2nd Vince Dack 1lb 10oz

3rd Terry Mather 1lb 9½oz

Pleasant and warm.  Loads of fish but all small


29 th October 2015

Winter League Milkhope last Sunday

1st Barry Evans 2lb 11½ oz

2nd Nigel Beardsley 1lb 6 oz

3rd Brendan Heslop 1lb 2½ oz


21st October 2015

Fontburn comes up with the goods

The club received a bumper haul of roach from Fontburn reservoir over the last couple of weeks with 418lb being stocked into Horton Grange. Thanks to those who provided transport and help it was much appreciated.

QEII Pike thriving

Michael Scott with a 28lb monster caught on the QEII.


13th October 2015

**** Fontburn cancelled this Wednesday ****

Due to lack of transport for the fish the club have been forced to cancel this Wednesdays (14th) trip to Fontburn.  However, Sunday 18th is still scheduled to go ahead


7th October 2015

Fontburn times

The day ticket lodge is open from 7:00am at this time of year and cost is £10:00 per day £5:00 of which will be refunded by the club so hang on to your receipt.  Anglers are asked to be off the water by 3:00pm. Large barrels will be placed around the fishing areas for anglers to deposit their own roach catches.  The dates given (on the 2nd of October below) have been confirmed as definite.

First winter league result

1st Craig Goodall 1lb 15oz for 50+ fish

2nd Terry Mather 1lb 7oz

3rd Derek Dixon 1lb 6½oz

A good turnout and a pleasant day but the fish weren't obliging.

The next match scheduled for the 18th of October will now take place on 25th on Milkhope. Draw 08:50am

OAP/Disabled matches final Placings (full results on the left)

1st Phil Watts

2nd Jimmy Appleby / Ian Davison

3rd Keith Melnyk

Proposed fish stockings

QEII more class 5 carp

Brenkley 500 carp 300 tench

Milkhope 300 bream100 tench 500 crucians

Horton Grange 700 bream 100 tench

(The above quantities are subject to change)


2nd October 2015

Fontburn dates

Earlier than previous years.  To remove roach from Fontburn reservoir.  Sunday 11th, Wednesday 14th, Sunday 18th and Wednesday 21st all in October.  Winter league date for the 18th will be re-scheduled.


28th September 2015

Summer League final match

Fished yesterday at Oaks

1st Steve Clark 41lb 13oz

2nd Chris Weddell 34lb 14oz

3rd Jimmy Appleby 31lb 12oz


Winter league starts next Sunday 4th October Draw 08:50 fish 10:00 till 15:00


21st September 2015

Last evening Series on Milkhope

1st John Youll

2nd Craig Goodall

3rd Steve Clark

Overall series result

1st John Youll 6 points

2nd Steve Clark 9 points

3rd Vince Dack10 points

Feeder match Horton Grange yesterday

1st Colin Bailey 4lb 8oz

2nd Brendan Heslop 3lb 12½oz

3rd Tony Dixon 1lb 15oz

 Overcast day with not many bites but a new Ide record for Colin of a 2lb 8½oz which narrowly beat Brendan's Ide of 2lb 8oz.  Colin's fish was weighed twice on clubs scales to make sure.

Brendan's near record breaking Ide below

Milkhope producing good bags of fish

Nigel Beardsley with a 13lb 8oz mixed bag


2nd September 2015

Feeder only match Horton Grange

20th September

Summer Series Oaks results

July - Maple Lake

1st Steve Clark 55lb 14oz

2nd Jimmy Appleby 43lb 5oz

3rd Tommy Smith 33lb 5oz

August - Cedar Lake

1st Les Evans 68lb 1oz

2nd Alan Kelly 42lb 0oz

3rd Chris Weddell 36lb 18oz

QEII Trophy

1st John Youll 8lb 13oz

2nd Tony Dixon 4lb 4oz

3rd Keith Melnyck  4lb ½oz


29th August 2015

WACAC member Vaughn Blake will be sadly missed

The Funeral Service for Fellow angler, Vaughn Blake who passed away, suddenly at home on August 23rd, will take place, on Tuesday 1st September at 11:15am. Can friends please meet for the service at Tynemouth Crematorium . All welcome to The Keel Row, Seaton Delaval afterwards. Family Flowers only. Please donations in lieu, may be sent for North Tyneside General Hospital (Oncology Dept. ) C/O Melrose Funeral Services, 159 Astley Road, Seaton Delaval, NE 25 0 DL


24th August 2015

Evening series Sunday 23rd August

A warm and pleasant day.  Breezy at times.

1st Vince Dack 3lb 6oz

2nd Steve Clark 2lb 8oz

3rd Tony Dixon 1lb 3oz


13th July 2015

Evening series Sunday 12th July

The weather was favourable for a change and the fish were obliging for parts of the match.

1st Brendan Heslop 4lb 2oz mainly Ide 8" deep for the first 90 mins

2nd Vince Dack 3lb 15½oz a few Ide for the last 90 mins

3rd Steve Clark 3lb 11oz 5 Ide for the first 90 mins

Roy Hebden Match result

1st Ian Bullock 1lb 8oz

2nd Tommy Smith 1lb 5oz

3rd John Youll 1lb 5oz


11th July 2015

Evening series Sunday 5th July

Weather stopped play before the end of the match with thunder, lightning and torrential rain spoiling the party. However, a few fish were caught

1st Steve Clark 4lb 10oz

2nd John Youll 4lb 4oz

3rd Barry Evans 3lb ½oz


29th June 2015

3rd Summer series match Woodlands

Seemed a good day to go fishing but only a few managed to tame the carp.

1st Chris Weddell 79lb 6oz

2nd Steve Clark 71lb 1oz

3rd Les Evans 50lb 14oz


8th June 2015

First evening series

A hard match in gusty conditions.  Pegs closer to the island faired better.

1st Terry Glennie 5lb 14½oz

2nd John Youll 3lb 1oz

3rd Kelvin Wears 2lb 14oz


19th May 2015

2nd Summer series match Woodlands

A good turnout again for Partridge lake which fished well for some but poorly for others. Nevertheless the result was a close run thing in the end.

1st Steve Clark 71lb 15oz

2nd Les Evans 68lb 1oz

3rd Tony Glennie 66lb 9oz


15th May 2015

Milkhope water supply pipe

Members are asked to drive carefully from the lock up at the end of Milkhope to the main car park at the bottom of the Horton Grange road.  There is a water supply pipe running alongside the road which feeds Milkhope. Avoid driving over this pipe.


2nd May 2015


Due to circumstances beyond our control Dudley Club, venue for our monthly meetings has given notice of its immediate closure. We have however secured a new venue in Cramlington Village at The Plough pub. We have the use of the function room which is located upstairs, there is parking at the pub and a further large car park very close. Our first meeting at The Plough will be Tuesday 5th May - look forward to seeing you all there!


1st May 2015

First Summer match

The Oaks was the venue for last Sundays first summer match. 25 anglers fished but the carp were not obliging in numbers.

1st Jimmy Appleby and Les Evans 30lb 5oz each

2nd Tony Glennie 25lb 8oz

Mostly caught on pellet but castor and worm also did well


16th April 2015

Jnr & Ladies match Venue Change

This Sundays match 19th April will now be held on Brenkley not Milkhope

QEII Carp stirring

 Paul Brooks with a cracking 22lb Mirror carp

Angling Trust Meeting 22nd April 2015

EA Offices Tyneside House Skinnerburn Road. Newcastle Business Park. Newcastle. Tyne and Wear. NE4 7AR

Tea and Coffee served from 6.45pm meeting begins 7.15pm

  • Monitoring and fish stocks on the Tyne – Phil Ripon, Environment Agency
  • Habitat work on the Tyne – Paul Atkinson, Tyne Rivers Trust
  • Simple in-river improvements for angling clubs – Peter Kerr, Northumberland Rivers Trust.
  • Angling Trust update  – John Cheyne

This meeting is OPEN TO ALL


30th March 2015

Horton wakes up at last

At the end of a disappointing series of knock ups over the last 3 months, Horton Grange has started to produce some quality fish.  Tommy Smith caught 7 quality roach for 2lb 6oz and Brendan Heslop caught a smaller stamp of fish for 1lb 8oz.  Even Keith Melnyk got in on the act with a 4½oz skimmer.  The secret is not to fish too far out.  Maggot is all you need.  Brendan stayed on after yesterdays match and pulled in a couple of decent roach from peg 39 at 5 metres out.


21st March 2015

AGM 7th April

Any proposals for constitutional changes must be submitted in writing to the committee and signed at least 2 weeks before the AGM



Jan 2015

QEII Triathlon dates

Thursday evening swim training will commence 7th May through to 23rd July in the railway Halt corner of the lake.

Two dates for the Triathlon events are:-

Try a Triathlon 27th June Sat 9am till 12 noon using the railway halt corner again.

18th July Saturday Triathlon event from 8am till 10:30. Start will be at Woodhorn Colliery, using the south end of the lake and the tarmac path around the site for the run. Marker buoys will be set out on the Friday evening.

Anglers take note

Attention all members who sign up to attend WACAC away day fishing events!

If you sign up to attend an away day WACAC fishing event and for whatever reason you do not attend you will still be charged the peg fee for that venue! To prevent being charged you must ring the Club's mobile phone by the Wednesday before the event so that the organiser of the away day can contact the fishery with amended numbers of attendees!

The club number is 07729784660.  Note that this number is only for use between 10 am and 8 pm.


Jan 2015

Winter Knock Ups

Following requests by anglers who wish to continue fishing over the winter months a series of matches will be held during January, February and March to fill in the long winter months as follows:

January 25th

February 8th

February 22nd

March 15th

March 29th

These are not part of the WACAC events list, anyone can fish and no one will be moved from their peg if they are already fishing on the day.  Draw before 9am fish 10 till 3


22nd December 2014

Fur and Feather

1st Nigel Beardsley 3ld 4oz

2nd Derek Dixon 2lb 6oz

3rd John Bull 2lb 3oz

Deja Vu all over again. Despite the wind being gale force at times, anglers still managed to pull in a few fish.


14th December 2014

Winter League 7

1st Ian Bullock 2lb 7½oz Peg 31

2nd Nigel Beardsley 2lb 5oz Peg 3

3rd Eric Brown 14oz Peg 9

4th Brendan Heslop 13½ oz Peg 8

5th John Reynolds 10½ oz Peg 29

Another match spoilt by the wind and rain.  Presentation was difficult.

Final 3 for the series are:

1st Nigel Beardsley 10 points

2nd Terry Mather 16 points

3rd Vince Dack & Geoff Lincoln equal 22 points

Thank you from a member

Hi all,

         With the Year nearly at an end i thought I would send you some photos of the carp i have caught this year (see gallery on the left). I would like to say thanks to Paul Brookes for introducing me to the world of Carp Fishing, Also a big thanks to the club for the high standard of Carp that are stocked into the QEII.


Michael Nicholson


12th December 2014

Joining fee waived for 2015 only

For a very limited period WACAC are waiving the joining fee for all new Senior, OAP/Disabled and junior members who join the club before the 31st March 2015. So all you pay is the the yearly membership charge. Please note, the £10 joining fee for Under 12's will however remain in place but their membership however still remains free for their qualifying period of membership at this rate. If you would like to take up this special deal then come along to one of our club meetings in January, February or March and sign up. Please note T&Cs apply, please visit our official website for details on membership charges.

Checklist for Applicants - Appropriate yearly sub, cheque/Postal Order made payable to W.A.C.A.C., 2 passport size photographs (New Members only)


Monthly Club Meetings.

The Plough

Middle Farm Buildings
Village Square
Cramlington NE23 1DN
Still the first Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm (no meeting August)
Membership covers 8 waters
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