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 Membership Totals.

Membership totals for 2018 are as follows - Seniors 260 - Oap & Disabled 123 - Juniors=5 and under 12's=31. That gives a total of 419.
22nd January 2019

Fur & Feather 2018

1st Grant Downie 1lb 14oz Peg 7

2nd John Bull 1lb 10oz Peg 1

3rd Alan Thompson 10oz Peg 3

Winter League Match 5

1st Vince Dack 2lb 3oz Peg 3

2nd Nigel Beardsley 2lb 0oz  Peg 1

3rd Eric brown 1lb 12oz Peg 40

Winter League Match 6

1st John Reynolds 2lb 3oz Peg 36

2nd Craig Goodall 11½ox Peg 6

3rd Tony Dixon 10oz Peg 35


9th December 2018

QEII Carp Stocks Receive a Boost

20 x C4 Carp 8-14lb stocked into QE2 Lake 18/11/18 - Please could members report any carp captures with pictures so we can track growth of our stock, thanks in advance.

Some pictures HERE

Winter League Match 4

1st Tony Dixon 4lb 2½oz Peg 3

2nd Keith Melnyk 2lb 0oz Peg 35

3rd Tommy Smith 8oz Peg 20

Poor return with a few blanks.

The deeps look favourite at present Pegs 30 to 10 being productive for pleasure anglers

Winter League Match 3

1st Craig Goodall 1lb 12½oz Peg 14

2nd Brendan Heslop 1lb 9 oz Peg 4

3rd John Reynolds 1lb 8 oz Peg 15


12th November 2018

QEII Carp Stocking

Will take place this weekend 18th November around 08:30 in the morning

Winter League Match 2

1st Vince Dack 2lb ½oz Peg 29

2nd John Bull 1lb 4 oz Peg 9

3rd Brendan Heslop 12oz Peg 37

Very few larger fish showing up. Vince had 40+ fish


29th October 2018

Old'ns & Young'ns result

1st Craig Goodall 9lb 14oz

2nd Tony Dixon 9lb 7oz

3rd Kane Mitcheson and Alan Thompson 8lb 15oz

4th Lewis Graham?


26th October 2018

Winter League Match 1 HG

1st Brendan Heslop 1lb 7oz Peg 17

2nd Eric Brown / Vince Dack 1lb 2oz Pegs 11&39

3rd Ian Bullock 15oz peg 5


14th October 2018

Summer League Eden Grange

1st Chris Weddell 55lb 10oz

2nd John Reynolds 24lb 4oz

3rd Craig Goodall 23lb 8oz

Final Placings

1st Chris Weddell 4 Points

2nd Tony Glennie 10 Points

3rd Davey Jobe 12 Points

Charity Match Brenkley

1st Tony Dixon 3lb 13oz

2nd Grant Downie 2lb 14½oz

3rd Tommy Smith 2lb 60z

The sum of £48 was raised on the day


29th September 2018

E Series final match

1st Grant Downie 7lb 2oz Peg 29

2nd Mark Bradford 6lb 7oz Peg 12

3rd Eric Brown 5lb 8½oz Peg 6

Final Placings for the series

1st Grant Downie 10 Points

2nd Ernie Playford 25 Points

3rd Tommy Smith 26 Points

Well done to all those who supported.  See you in the cruelty winter league!


13th September 2018

Carp Overnighter match 5 Sat 15th

Overnight carp match 5 @QE2. Sat15th - Sun 16th Sept.
Meet at 8.30, draw9.00, fish11to 11. £5.00 optional pool.
The car park bank around to the pylon will be open to other members and day ticket holder's who do not want to fish the match.


Fontburn   closed due to very low water levels,  if water levels rise they will let us know.


3rd September 2018

New locks fitted to Horton and Brenkley


After selecting correct numbers push button on bottom of lock


27th August 2018

Summer league 5 Ton Ups at Woodlands Curlew

1st Chris Weddell 162lb 6oz Peg 8

2nd Tony Glennie 134lb 6oz Peg 10

3rd John Reynolds 121lb 8oz Peg 4

4th Tommy Smith 114lb 6 oz Peg 24

5th Nigel Beardsley 107lb 5oz Peg 6

Fished in wind and rain which was at times heavy


20th August 2018

E Series 6 Milkhope

1st Willie Thomas 13lb 8½ oz

2nd Grant Downie 10lb 1 oz

3rd Tommy Smith 8lb 2 oz


8th August 2018


Carp Overnighter Saturday / Sunday 11th /12th August

Meet at 8.30, draw 9.00, fish 11 to 11. £5.00 optional pool
The car park bank around to the pylon will be open to other members and day ticket holder's who do not want to fish the match.
Summer league Oaks - Cedar

1st Chris (ton up) Weddell 109lb 9oz

2nd Tony (not many) Glennie 88lb 0oz

3rd Derek (bagger) Dixon 39lb 12oz

Wag and Mag Match QEII

1st Craig Goodall 8lb 5oz

2nd I Romoch 5lb 3oz

3rd Tony Dixon 5lb 1oz



27th June 2018






25th June 2018

Summer Series Oaks Maple

1st Chris Weddell 66lb 5oz

2nd Keith Melnyk 38lb 8oz

3rd Brendan Heslop 35lb 9oz


18th June 2018

'E' Series Results

Match 3 Horton Grange

1st Craig Goodall 5lb 8½ oz Peg 22

2nd Grant Downie 4lb 12 oz Peg 17

3rd Jack Blenkinsop 2lb 5½ oz Peg 20

Match 4 Brenkley

1st Ian Bullock 1lb 14 oz Peg 5

2nd Brendan Heslop 1lb 11 oz Peg 20

3rd Tommy Smith 1lb 8½ oz Peg 21


7th June 2018

Carp Overnight match 2

QE2, Sat 9th June. Meet in car park 8.30am, draw 9.00, fish 11 to 11. There will be a optional £5.00 pool. As the top of the lake is covered in heavy weed, pegs from 1 will be added to the match. The car park bank, short bank and as far round as the pylon will be open to other members and day ticket holders.

OAP Disabled Series

Match 1 Brenkley

1 Keith Melnyk 3lb 10oz

2 Craig Goodall 3lb 3oz

3 John Bull 2lb 3oz

Match 2 Horton

1 Eric Brown 6lb 9oz

2 Keith Melnyk 5lb 12oz

3 Ian Davison 2lb 7oz



4th June 2018

Pairs Match

The deadly duo strike again!

1st Mike Roper & Tony Dixon 6lb 11½oz

2nd Grant Downie & Craig Goodall 5lb 6½oz


28th May 2018

2nd 'E' Series Match MH

1st Grant Downie 7lb ½oz  Peg 37

2nd Terry Mather 5lb 11oz Peg 19

3rd George Emmerson 4lb 15oz Peg 31

Carp Overnight 1

1st Paul Brooks 21lb 8oz

2nd Lee Cairns 14lb

Summer Series 2 Woodlands Curlew

1st Davey Jobe 69lb 11oz

2nd Chris Weddell 48lb 6oz

3rd Tony Glennie 39lb 1oz


15th May 2018

Carp overnight 1

QE2 Sat 19th May. Meet in car park 8.30am, draw 9.00, fish 11 to 11.
There will be an optional £5.00 pool. As a trial, pegs 1 to 9. The car park bank and as far as the pylon will be open to other members and day ticket holders. The narrows will be kept clear

Brendan Kearney Enjoying Brenkley

Not a bad 4 hour session on Brenkley. I had this 15lb 8oz and a smaller common at 8lb 6oz

Nice one young man!

Little boy and his dad fishing Brenkley. Mirror carp about 4lb. He was over the moon


7th May 2018

1st 'E' Series Match HG

1st Brendan Heslop 4lb  Peg 30

2nd John Reynolds 3lb 8oz Peg 34

3rd Nigel Beardsley 2lb 6oz Peg 36

Names for the Pairs draw to be in by the end of the month - Match 3rd June


1st May 2018

1st Summer Series Oaks Cedar

1st Chris Weddell 44lb 40z Peg 74

2nd Davey Jobe 31lb 14oz Peg 55

3rd Alan Kelly 21lb 6oz Peg 77

Rod & Line match 2

1st John Reynolds 2lb 7oz Peg 10

2nd Nigel Beardsley 1lb 6oz Peg 2

3rd Ian Bullock 13oz Peg 1


15th April 2018

Rod & Line match 1

1st Craig Goodall / Nigel Beardsley 1lb 7oz

2nd George Emmerson 12½ oz

3rd Ian Bullock 9½ oz

QEII Fish Deaths

A few weeks ago around 30k roach were killed by an unknown source.  After examining the fish the Environment Agency could not find the root cause and if there was contamination to the water it had dissipated when the fish were removed. The EA will set up a permanent monitor and endeavour to replace the fish in the latter part of the year


No changes to the constitution


31st March 2018

Winter League Final Matches & Placings

Match 9

1st John Reynolds 1 fish (Milkhope)

Match 10

Abandoned due to weather

Match 11

1st Grant Downie 1lb 7½oz

2nd Brendan Heslop 13oz

3rd John Bull & Nigel Beardsley 12oz

Final 3 places

1st John Bull

2nd Grant Downie

3rd John Reynolds


26th February 2018

Winter League switches to Milkhope

Due to the restrictive ice on Horton Grange the next winter league match will be fished on Milkhope this Sunday 4th March.


Match 8

1st John Bull 1 fish

Match 7

1st Nigel Beardsley 2½ oz (14 fish)

2nd John Reynolds and Tommy Smith (1 fish each)


10th January 2018

Alan Stevens Daughter

I’d like to thank everyone for their kind words about my father.

My father passed peacefully in his sleep from a heart condition and pneumonia. The funeral will be held at the West Road Crematorium 9.30 on Tuesday 16th of January.

Special thanks to Geordie and Ian for all the years of taking him the length and breadth of the country.

Could all other fishing clubs be notified if not already done. If you have any photos or stories you like to share please feel free to share or private message.

Thanks Sara and family


4th January 2018

New date for Fur and Feather

Due to the adverse weather conditions during December, the Fur and Feather has been arranged for January 14th.  Bring a prize to the value of £5.00 to share with your fellow members on the day


29th December 2017

Big Al bows out

Another loss to the angling world.  Alan "Big Al" Stevens passed away last night at the age of 84. Further details will appear when updates are received. Alan was a prominent figure in WACAC and the TAA. He supported both organisations in many different ways. Our thoughts are with his family.


5th December 2017

QEII Carp Delivery this weekend

Sunday 10th December around 08:30 if anyone is interested

Winter League match results

Match 4

1st Nigel Beardsley 1lb 12oz peg 35 for loads of bits

2nd Brendan Heslop 7½oz peg 301 Ide (on the feeder) and a few bits on the pole

3rd Grant Downie 6oz peg 5

Match 3

1st Nigel Beardsley & John Reynolds 1 tiny fish each

Match 2

1st Jack Blenkinsop 2lb 8oz

2nd Grant Downie 4oz

3rd John Bull ½oz


1st November 2017

Final Summer League match

Disappointing return but a good turnout nevertheless

1st Tony Dixon 19lb

2nd Eric Brown 18lb 10oz

3rd Tommy Smith 17lb 2oz


25th October 2017

Winter league First match

1st Eric Brown 4lb 4½oz

2nd Keith Melnyk 2lb 13½oz

3rd Vince Dack 2lb 9oz

Don't forget the clocks go back this weekend which also sees the last summer league match fished on Sunday


18th October 2017

John Malone

Family flowers only please donations in lieu may be sent for The Bubble Foundation C/o Melrose Funeral Services, 39 Market Street, Dudley, NE23 7HS.


11th / 12th October 2017 Updated

Sad News

It is with heavy heart that I inform the angling world that John Malone passed away on Monday night. John was a larger than life character who helped make this club what it is today. His relentless work over the years ensured that WACAC remained strong and those who knew him will miss his humour together with his philosophical  approach to life.  Our thoughts are with his wife Ruth, Daughter Leigh, son in law Stephen and grandchildren Brad and Beth (Betty).

Funeral arrangements: Tynemouth Crematorium Wednesday 18th October 3pm

Cheers to you big fella!


3rd October 2017

Carp overnighter result

1st Paul Brooks 19lb 8oz

2nd Anth Foster 13lb 4oz

3rd John Knox 10lb

Overall Series John Knox 1st

Paul Brooks runner up

Biggest fish Phil Dodds

Feeder Match Horton

1st Vince Dack 3lb 4oz

2nd Tommy Smith & Craig Goodall 2lb 9oz

3rd Geordie Emmerson 2lb 5oz


12th September 2017

Final Evening series Horton Grange

1st Vince Dack 7lb 5oz

2nd Brendan Heslop 5lb 12oz

3rd Ernie Playford 2lb 10oz

Despite a wet and windy day a decent haul

Vince takes top spot for the series - full table in match results on the left



7th September 2017

Carp Overnighter last match

The last QEII carp overnighters will be fished on Saturday 16th through to Sunday 17th September.

Last summer series match in October

Due to the lateness of the last Summer series match at Woodlands in October, fishing will be 10am until 3pm to allow for the weigh in under decent light conditions.

Fontburn Dates

Wednesday 4th, Sunday 8th, Wednesday 11th and Sunday 15th October.

Start 08:00am. Pay £10.00 at the lodge and the club will refund £5.00 upon production of your ticket for each session.

Evening Series

Last of the evening series this weekend. Draw 1pm fish 2pm till 7pm



Final Standings

1st Keith Melnyck 5 points

2nd Ian Davison 8 Points

3rd George Knowling 9 points

All OAP/DIS match results will be shown in the match results section shortly

Oldn's & Youngn's Milkhope

As no juniors turned up for the match, the seniors fished with the following result:

1st Craig Goodall 19lb 7½oz

2nd John Bull 6lb 12oz

3rd Tony Dixon 5lb 5oz

Wag & Mag Match QEII

1st Vince Dack 16lb 7oz

2nd Craig Goodall 14lb 5oz

3rd Ian Bullock 14lb 0oz

Summer Series 4 Oaks Poplars

1st Chris Weddell 43lb 7oz

2nd John Reynolds 40lb 10oz

3rd Nigel Beardsley 28lb 13oz

QEII Trophy

1st John Reynolds 16lb 15oz

2nd Craig Goodall 12lb 8oz

3rd Vince Dack 11lb 15oz

Carp Overnighter QEII

1st Paul Brooks 2 fish 35lb 2oz


16th August 2017

QEII Carp overnighter

1st Paul Brookes 35lb 2oz

2nd Mick Nicholson & Alan Reed 15lb 8oz

3rd John Knox 12lb 13oz

Evening Series 6 Brenkley

1st Vince Dack 6lb 15½oz

2nd Brendan Heslop 3lb 10oz

3rd Colin Bailey 3lb 6oz



31st July 2017

Summer Series Oaks Alder

1st Chris Weddell 86lb 6oz

2nd Terry Mather 50lb 8½oz

3rd Les Evans 32lb 13oz


20th July 2017

Evening Series 5 Milkhope 16th July

1st Brendan Heslop 7lb 7½ oz

2nd Vince Dack 6lb 13 oz

3rd Grant Downie 3lb 3 oz

4th Ernie Playford 2lb 3½oz

Other Results catch-up

Oldn's & Youngn's Milkhope 9th July

1st Craig Goodall 19lb 7½oz

2nd John Bull 6lb 12oz

3rd Tony Dixon 5lb 5oz

OAP/Disabled Match Results

Match 1 Brenkley 9th May

1st George Knowling 2lb 3oz peg20

2nd Keith Melnyk 1lb 13oz Peg 3

3rd Ian Davison & John Bull 1ib 9oz pegs 12 & 1

Match 2 Horton 23rd May

1st Terry Glennie 5lb 6½oz peg 9 (including a new club record Golden Tench weighing 3lb ½oz)

2nd Ian Davison 4lb 14oz peg 32

3rd Keith Melnyk 3lb 14½oz peg 5

Match 3 Horton Grange 6th June

1st Keith Melnyk 13lb 13oz peg 21

2nd Ian Davison 4lb 10oz peg 13

3rd Bill Appleby 4lb 5oz peg 27

Match 4 Brenkley 20th June

1st Keith Melnyk 7lb 9oz

2nd Ian Davison 4lb 14oz

3rd George Knowling 3lb 5oz

Bob Hall Match Milkhope 14th May

1st Craig Goodall 6lb 6oz

2nd Ian Bullock 6lb 3oz

3rd John Bull 4lb 12oz


27th June 2017

Jeff Hedley Memorial Match

This Sunday June 2nd Brenkley pond Meet 08:00am

Summer League 2 Oaks Cedar

Ton-up Glennie storms in

1st Tony Glennie 104lb 14oz

2nd Chris Weddell 50lb 14oz

3rd Colin Bailey56lb 2oz

No diet for the QEII Carp

Chris Foster:

"This is one of 4 carp I caught at the weekend. Looks like a stocked carp from 2013. It weighed in at exactly 13lb, so put a bit of weight on. Caught with a Manilla bottom bait with a fake corn topper on peg 59"




20th June 2017

Evening Series 4 HG

1st Terry Mather 15lb 6oz

2nd Vince Dack 8lb 3oz

3rd Brendan Heslop 3lb 11oz

A very hot day.  Fish were more willing in the shade around the island

Terry's winning catch. Proper bream and decent Ide


12th June 2017

Pairs Competition Horton Grange

1st Nigel Beardsley and Colin Bailey 12lb 3oz

Runners up Davey Jobe and Les Evans 8lb 2oz

Evening Series 3 Brenkley

1st Tony Dixon 7lb 2½oz

2nd Grant Downie 2lb 13oz

3rd Vince Dack 2lb 11oz

Carp Match QEII May 6th & 7th 2017

1st Phil Dodds 52lb 2oz

2nd Chris Carr 28lb 8oz

3rd John Knox 10lb 8oz



29th May 2017

Summer Series 1 Cedar oaks

1st Chris Weddell 65lb 2oz

2nd Les Evans 42lb 12oz

3rd Keith Melnyk 35lb 9oz


22nd May 2017

Evening series 2 Milkhope

1st Vince Dack 8lb 8oz

2nd Steven Armstrong 3lb 13oz

3rd Terry Mather 3lb 7oz

Ideal overcast conditions but fish were hard to find at times

Vince's winning bag pictured

8th May 2017

Item taken from Milkhope

An important item was taken from Milkhope late Friday early Saturday. CCTV from the coal site did not show a number plate of the suspect vehicle but did capture an image of the vehicle.  If the item is not returned the footage will be handed to the police.

Evening series kicks off

1st Ernie Playford 5lb 15oz

2nd Vince Dack 5lb 1oz

3rd Terry Glenny 4lb 6oz

A cold breezy day


4th May 2017

Carp match this weekend

On the QEII Sat 6th & Sun 7th. Meet 08:30 at the hotel car park. Fish 11:00 till 11:00. Lake will be closed to fishing from 09:00 am on Sat till 11:00 am Sun.

Evening Series starts this weekend

Horton Grange. Draw 1:45pm (ish). Fish 3 till 8pm

Roy Hebdon Match Brenkley

1st Craig Goodall 2lb 3oz

2nd Davey Jobe 1lb 14oz

3rd Ian Bullock 1lb 11½oz

Feeder Match result Horton

1st John Reynolds 8lb 8oz

2nd Craig Goodall 4lb 3oz

3rd Derek Dixon 3lb 5oz


27th March 2017

Winter league 11 Final Match

1st Vince Dack 5lb 7oz

2nd Keith Melnyk 4lb 7oz

3rd Craig Goodall 3lb 14oz

Final table in Match Results on the left

Milkhope Fishing Well

Over 20lb bags of fish are coming out of Milkhope since the stocking.  The deeps at the far end of the lake are best spots.  Skimmers and small carp.


Water is receding and the pond is fishable but still a way to go to reach normal levels

AGM Reminder

The AGM is scheduled for the Tuesday the 4th of April 7:30 prompt. The Plough, Cramlington.


17th March 2017

A good start to the year at QEII

 John Knox with a brace of Mirror carp.  Top pic 17lb 3oz - bottom pic 14lb 4oz


8th March 2017


Anglers beware - Brenkley is massively flooded and is not fishable at present.  Any updates from Anglers please post on our Facebook page.

Winter league 9

1st Craig Goodall  1lb 6oz

2nd Keith Melnyk / Tommy Smith 12oz

3rd Nigel Beardsley 10oz

Winter League 10

1st Brendan Heslop 9oz

2nd Keith Melnyk 8½oz

3rd John Bull 6½oz

Current Scores in Match Results


7th February 2017

Winter league 7

1st Craig Goodall  1lb 15oz

2nd John Bull 13oz

3rd Vince Dack 12½oz


Winter League 8

1st John Bull 3½oz

2nd Tommy Smith 1oz

3rd Craig Goodall / Brendan Heslop1 fish each (phew!)

Fish started feeding with 10 minutes to go - too late for some!


18th January 2017

Winter league 5

1st Nigel Beardsley & Brendan Heslop 1lb 2oz

2nd Craig Goodall 13oz

3rd John Reynolds 9½oz

A pleasant enough day

Winter League 6

1st Brendan Heslop 8oz

2nd Vince Dack 6½oz

3rd Tommy Smith 3oz

Ice breakers at the ready. The fish didn't start feeding until 4hrs 20 min into the match


24th December 2016

Winter league 3

1st Vince Dack 1lb 11oz

2nd Jack Blenkinsop 13oz

3rd Keith Melnyk 7½oz

Winter League 4

1st Nigel Beardsley 4lb 9oz

2nd Derek Dixon 3lb 3½oz

3rd John Reynolds 2lb

Fur & Feather

1st Keith Melnyk 1lb 14oz

2nd Vince Dack 1lb 12oz

3rd Colin Bailey 1lb 9oz


14th November 2016

Jeff Hedley service

Would the family and friends of Jeff Hedley (70) meet at the Blyth Crematorium for a funeral service on Wednesday 16th November at 2:30pm.

Our thoughts are also with club member John Youll who's wife passed away recently.

Yesterdays Winter League 2

Not much to talk about here.  The fish were few and far between.

1st John Reynolds 3lb 7oz peg 7

2nd Tommy Smith 2lb 1½oz peg 8

3rd Brendan Heslop 11oz peg 33


2nd November 2016

Sad News

It is with heavy heart that the committee has to inform the members of the passing away of Jeff Hedley.  Jeff was a founder member of the club and ex committee man who was both generous and approachable.  He put a lot of time and effort into ensuring the club took the right path and we are eternally grateful for his efforts. He will be sadly missed

2017 Events/Matches posted (link on the left)

Fontburn Roach

Last Wednesday trip to Fontburn returned 40lb of roach which were stocked into Brenkley Pond. Last Sundays effort produced 55+lb of roach which were stocked into Horton Grange. That's a total of 253lb of fish in all over the 4 days


24th October 2016

First winter league comes up trumps

The first winter league fished yesterday at Horton Grange produced a record Ide of 3lb 1oz for winner Vince Dack.  Plenty small stuff around the Island and some big Ide and big skimmers elsewhere plus a couple of Gudgeon!

1st Vince Dack 12lb 0oz Peg 35

2nd John Mitchell 4lb 14oz Peg 9

3rd Tony Dixon 3lb 8oz Peg 10

***Remember clocks go back this weekend ***

Fontburn this Wednesday and Sunday


18th October 2016

Fontburn Update

Fontburn cancelled tomorrow (Wed) and Sunday.  New proposed dates are Wednesday 26th and Sunday 30th October  7am till 3pm.

This means that the first of the winter league matches will start this weekend - see revised 'Events' link on the left


14th October 2016

Fontburn cancelled this weekend

Sundays (16th Oct) fish in at Fontburn has been called off due to expected heavy rain over the next couple of days making the banks dangerous for anglers

However, Wednesday (19th Oct) is still planned to go ahead.  We will have this confirmed on Monday so watch this space!


12th October 2016

Fontburn Fish

Anglers turned up for the first roach removal from Fontburn last Sunday with a haul of 93lb which went into Horton Grange.  A few roach didn't make it though.

2 barrels worth for the camera


Today's haul (Wednesday) came in at 65lb which went into Milkhope


3rd October 2016

Feeder Match Horton Grange

15 anglers turned up for yesterdays feeder match to find perfect conditions ......... for the pole! A few decent weights but the fish were not biting

1st Alan Kelly 6lb 11oz

2nd Derek Dixon 2lb 7oz

3rd Vince Dack 2lb 3oz

Alan's winning fish. Mainly Ide and Roach

24hr Carp match this weekend

Sat 8th October sees another 24hr carp match. Meet 9:00am fish noon 8th till noon on 9th.  The lake will be closed 1 hour before the match as per club rules and re-open at 12noon on the Sunday.

Fontburn roach

Dates as below but retain your day ticket slip to claim back a £5 discount each for each of the dates.

QEII Carp giving plenty of sport

John Knox with a pair of 14lb and 16lb 15oz mirror carp




27th September 2016

Summer league Partridge, Woodlands

The last match of the summer league returned a bumper haul of carp for Chris Weddell with over a 100lb of fish weighed in.

1st Chris Weddell 104lb 11oz

2nd Les Evans 74lb

3rd Brendan Heslop 56lb 15oz

An overcast day with periods of sun towards the end of the match

Fontburn dates - early this year

The dates for removing roach from Fontburn reservoir are:

Sunday October 9th, Wednesday 12th, Sunday 16th and Wednesday 19th.

7am till 3pm. £10 to pay at the lodge before fishing

The winter league match on the 16th will be re-scheduled

Steven Allen with a nice brace of Carp

24.8.16 17LB 6OZ Mirror carp

24.8.16 18LB 8OZ Common carp



2nd September 2016

5th Summer League result

1st Tony Glennie 82lb 12oz

2nd John Reynolds 80lb 12½oz

3rd Keith Melnyk 71lb 5oz

Fished on Kestrel Lake, Woodlands 28th August


25th August 2016

24 Hr Carp match QEII

An overnight carp match is to be held on the QEII lake Saturday 3rd September.  Meet 09:00 am prompt and fish 12 noon till 12 noon.  The lake will be closed to angling between these times.


A nice brace of Carp

John Knox has been catching double figure carp on the QEII.  Click to see his 10lb 5oz Ghost and 20lb 8oz common


11th August 2016

Final evening series match

1st Barry Evans 14lb 4oz Peg 33 Ide up in the water

2nd Vince Dack 5lb 5½oz Peg 25

3rd John Mitchell 4lb 14½oz Peg 18

Final Placings

1st Ian Hunter 11 Points

2nd Geoff Lincoln 12 Points

3rd John Youll & Vince Dack 14 Points each

QEII still producing decent carp

Alan Dunlop with a mirror weighing 16lb 2oz last week


Click Here


5th August 2016

Storm Force winds on Sunday

Anglers be aware that Sunday will be a very windy day with gales to 40 MPH so find a sheltered spot if you are fishing

Evening Series 6 Milkhope

1st Colin Bailey 6lb 14½oz

2nd Derek Dixon 4lb 8oz

3rd Vince Dack 2lb 11½oz

Summer Series 4 Oaks

1st Tony Glennie 41lb 10oz

2nd Chris Weddell 41lb 7½oz

3rd Les Evans 34lb 13½oz


12th July 2016

QEII Trophy Date Changed

Due to a clash of events the QEII trophy match will be fished on August 21st

Evening Series 5 Horton Grange

1st Geoff Lincoln 10lb

2nd Tony Dixon 6lb 8½oz

3rd John Youll 5lb 12oz

Notably big tench are now starting to be caught as well as small home grown bream


8th July 2016

Summer League Oaks

1st Chris Weddell 60lb 2oz

2nd Davey Jobe 53lb 1oz

3rd Keith Melnyk 45lb 5oz


Match 2 Horton

1st Jim Appleby 7lb 12½oz

2nd Keith Melnyk 6lb 3oz

3rd Ian Davison 4lb 12½oz

Match 3 Brenkley

1st Ian Davison 8lb 9oz

2nd Keith Melnyk 7lb 6oz

3rd Jean Appleby 4lb 2oz


23rd  June 2016

Evening Series 4 Milkhope

Despite 4 hours of rain some good fish were caught

1st Ian Hunter 3lb 4oz Peg 2

2nd John Youll 2lb 7oz Peg 7

3rd Brendan Heslop 1lb 11oz Peg 10

All pegs drawn on one side of the lake


12th  June 2016

OAP / Disabled series kicks off

Les back on top

1st  Les Evans

2nd Bill Appleby

3rd Keith Melnyk

Evening Series 3

Produced some good weights from Horton

1st Ian Hunter 12lb 1oz Peg 18 (again!) Ide and skimmers

2nd Geoff Lincoln 8lb 5oz Peg 36 (not favoured)

3rd John Youll 5lb 11oz Peg 10 (including a 2½lb Tench)

Fish caught from all around the lake


4th  June 2016

Website past it's best but still going

Apologies for recent (and future) problems with the website as it's old software which is not supported by Microsoft any longer.  We will endeavour to keep it updated as best we can until a new solution can be found




31st May 2016

Oaks Alders Summer League 2

1st Chris Weddell 65lb 8oz

2nd Les Evans 43lb 15oz

3rd Ian Bullock 24lb 12oz

Part of Chris's catch


QEII 24hr Carp Match Results

1st David Greatex 4 fish 64lb 10oz

2nd Paul Brooks 2 fish 32lb 2oz

3rd Kelvin Wears 2 fish 25lb

Biggest Fish David Greatex 18lb 4oz

11 anglers fished

11 fish caught

Open water swims produced the most fish

QEII Bigger Fish are on the move

Wayne Farmers 25lb 7oz Pike from the QEII


Steve Allens PB mirror 21 lb 3 oz, Q.E II Country park Northumberland, on a choddy size 8 hook, 14mm pineapple pop up 30 yards from bank.


24th May 2016

Bob Hall Trophy

Decent weights from Horton

1st Ian Hunter 10lb 12oz peg 18

2nd Tony Dixon 6lb 10oz peg ?

3rd John Youll 5lb 6oz peg 4

A decent tench for the winner


Evening Series 2 Milkhope

1st Geoff Lincoln 2lb 101/2oz

2nd Vince Dack 1lb 121\2oz

3rd Nigel Beardsley 1lb 101\2oz

Bit of a grueller


12th  May 2016

Ton up Carp Match Times

Saturday draw 09:00am fish Noon till Noon.


10th  May 2016

Evening Series First Match

Steady start to the series with some great weights recorded on Horton Grange

1st Geoff Lincoln 11lb 5oz

2nd Ian Hunter 6lb 2½oz

3rd Craig Goodall 5lb 12½oz


4th May 2016

Lost / Found Items

Anyone lost any bivvy bits at peg 9 Brenkley recently?  Check your accessories and contact the club if you wish to claim them

A top part of a rod was found on the path at Horton Grange.  If you lost this please contact the club and describe it.

A Maver double pole roller was left at Brenkley.  If you picked it up please contact the club as it's an expensive bit of kit

OAP/Disabled match times

Draw 08:45 and fish 10am till 3pm

New event entries

Another ton up carp match at the QEII on 21st May.  Open to all members

QEII work party 14th May (Sat)




29th  April 2016

May club meeting

Is still scheduled for the Plough on Tuesday as the pub's plans to re-decorate have been put back.

First Summer League match The Oaks Cedar

Not the warmest of days but a good turnout nevertheless

1st Chris Weddell 51lb 1oz

2nd Jimmy Appleby 32lb 11oz

3rd Davey Jobe 26lb 3oz


17th  April 2016

Rod and Line match

Last Sunday 10th saw a good turnout for the rod and line match at Horton Grange with 23 anglers fishing.

1st Nigel Beardsley 2lb 13oz peg 16

2nd Craig Goodall 2lb 7oz peg 20

3rd Willie Thomas 1lb 4oz peg 5


2nd April 2016

QEII Day Tickets

Please note - Day tickets for the QEII are no longer available at the hotel.  The nearest location is McDermott's Station Road Ashington


20th March 2016

Fish Stocking 2016

Carp and Crucian carp for Brenkley


Skimmer Bream for Horton

Carp Bream and Crucians for Milkhope



15th March 2016


Any proposed changes to the constitution need to be submitted in writing to the committee at least 2 weeks before the AGM which is Tuesday April 5th 7:30pm at the Plough Cramlington


22nd February 2016

Winter League 11

Congratulations to Vince Dack on winning the winter league series

Yesterdays result

1st Vince Dack 3½oz

2nd Craig Goodall & Brendan Heslop 2oz

3rd John Youll 1oz

Overall positions can be found in the Match Results link on the left


9th February 2016

Winter League 10

A blustery day with not many bites

1st Keith Melnyk 1lb 1oz

2nd John Bull 14½ oz

3rd Vince Dack 6oz

Winter League 9

The obligatory gusts of wind spoilt the fishing but fish were caught

1st Vince Dack 1lb 6oz

2nd Keith Melnyck 6oz

3rd Nigel Beardsley 5½oz


23rd January 2016

Winter League 8

10th January.  Not a brilliant start to the new year.  The forecast was for 16mph winds which turned into a 40mph Gale.  Of course the fish were not interested.

1st Vince Dack 1 fish for 9½oz after 4¼ hours without a bite

2nd Nigel Beardsley 1 fish for 6oz

3rd Craig Goodall 3oz for 2 fish on the tip (yes it was that bad)


Monthly Club Meetings.

The Plough

Middle Farm Buildings
Village Square
Cramlington NE23 1DN
Still the first Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm (no meeting August)
Membership covers 8 waters
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